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Eowyn, black doe: Our first Mom
Vana, black Holland doe
We are located in the small town of New Ipswich in the southwestern part of New Hampshire. Specializing in English Angoras and Holland Lops, we breed and raise bunnies for pets and the Angoras also provide valuable wool.

The Angora bunnies are about the size of a cat, at 6 to 7 pounds and the Holland bunnies are a bit smaller, at 3 to 4 pounds. Both breeds are known for their gentle and loving temperment and can live either in your house or outside in a protected cage. With their thick, warm coats they donít mind the winter cold, even here in New England. Our bunnies are all handled from the time they are 2 or 3 days old so they are used to the company of people and our many other pets including dogs, cats and ferrets. Caring for the Hollands does not take a great deal of time however as with any long haired pet the Angoras do require a good deal of brushing to keep them from becoming badly matted. Because of their friendly nature, the time spent grooming can be enjoyed by both of you. Many people also shear or pluck the Angora wool during grooming to be spun into a beautiful yarn which is prized for its appearance and warmth.

We have added many new colors of both Angora and Holland bunnies to the rabbitry and cannot wait to see the results of our upcoming breedings. Please look for pictures of all our bunnies here on our site (coming soon).
NEWS: March 2007
We currently have several English Angora juniors for sale.
Colors include Lilac, Chocolate, Tort, Black Japanese Harlequin
Black and Ruby Eyed White. We also have a few Hollands
that we would like to place with responsible pet homes.
Please email us for pictures and prices.

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